Adoption of img loading attribute

It would be great to gather insights on the adoption of the loading attribute on img tags over time, including how many sites use it with a value of “lazy” vs “eager”.

Accumulating data for this adoption over time, e.g. from currently until end of the year would be super valuable, especially in order to identify potential spikes and their cause (e.g. the attribute being adopted by certain browsers or CMS platforms).

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Some prior research into this: Chrome Image Lazy Loading - Sites Already Using it on Week 1!

@felixarntz are you looking to get a live look at the current adoption rates or is it more of a year-end retrospective? If the latter we can revisit the queries in the linked thread, otherwise it requires something more elaborate.

@rviscomi Thanks for the context, it would be great to have more of a “live” view of current adoption over time. For example, could we do a daily/weekly/monthly (whatever is feasible here, weekly is probably a good middle ground) rundown of how many websites use the loading attribute on img tags? A preferable outcome would be e.g. creating a figure that has individual graphs for the three possible values “lazy”, “eager”, and “auto”, and show the week-by-week adoption in number of sites.