Announcing the new HTTP Archive!


Today we’re excited to be graduating the website formerly known as “HTTP Archive Beta” to the new default HTTP Archive web experience! :champagne:

You may remember back in October 2017 when we announced the launch of the beta website at Chrome Dev Summit. Our goal was to more easily enable anyone to explore the health of the web as a whole. Not just data-mining SQL gurus or statisticians, but everyone with a vested interest in the state of the web. To that end, we’ve made several important enhancements to the HTTP Archive website to make discovering stats and trends about the web even easier:

1. Introducing HTTP Archive Reports :bar_chart:

Rather than scrolling through a long list of all metrics, we’ve grouped similar metrics into reports like State of the Web, Page Weight, and SEO. These reports also include modern metrics from WebPageTest and Lighthouse to ensure that we’re tracking the metrics that matter. The data visualization has also gotten an upgrade to fully interactive histograms and timeseries for each metric.

2. Mobile and desktop data all in one place :mag_right:

Rather than switching between different websites, mobile and desktop data are shown together in the same charts. Effortlessly compare how each client has changed, going back through more than 7 years of data. The primary information you care about for each metric are prominently summarized along with the change over time. We’re also focusing on median metrics instead of averages to more accurately represent the web.

3. A fresh responsive design :iphone:

The website has been completely redesigned and rebuilt with special attention to organizing information effectively. If you’re on a mobile device yourself, we’ve made it easier to navigate the website with a layout optimized for small screens. It looks pretty good on desktop too!

There are lots more features to explore, so try it out now and if you have any feedback (love it or hate it) please let us know in the Slack channel, on GitHub, on Twitter, or here on the forum. And if you’d like to contribute to the HTTP Archive (data pipeline or web UI) check out some of our Good first issues on GitHub.

Thanks for being part of the HTTP Archive community!


Congrats on the launch folks. Looks crisp on mobile :100:


Thank you @mrahmadawais! Great to hear your feedback.


Wow congrats! It looks great. Now I have 100+ blog posts to update. :joy: Kidding… but seriously I’ve linked to HTTP Archive more times than I can count. Keep up the great work!