Cannot find blink feature in the blink_features.usage table

Hi, I added a blink features to be tracked via UseCounters in Chromium a few months ago, and there is usage data in Chrome Status pages (0.6%): CrossBrowsingContextGroupMainFrameNulledNonEmptyNameAccessed.

However, the query result it empty when I try to query it from the httparchive.blink_features.usage table.

I think this is a different issue from How to get new/recent features added to the blink_features.usage table? because I can see this featured in the internal/support/ (wptagent/ at e0152a9094813276594426fb4fb82a58ed3d4e1a · WPO-Foundation/wptagent · GitHub) and it’s been available in Chrome stable since M86 (since Oct. 2020).

Does anyone know why is that?

I’m also interested in this, but for feature 3580. Thanks!