Chapter 4. Fonts

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Something worth considering for next year is this Twitter conversation:

Querying HTTPArchive it seems the problem is real. 2.2% of sites (155k sites!) request the EXACT SAME font in WOFF and WOFF2 format :open_mouth:

However, often WOFF2 fails so tries WOFF after. So no double download, but still bad for perf.

1% of sites do a full double download of both.

mobile(abs) desktop(abs) mobile(%) desktop(%)
Downloads same font as WOFF and WOFF2 155,541 132,044 2.17% 2.19%
Downloads same font as WOFF and WOFF2(both return status 200) 69,805 59,387 0.97% 0.99%

Data and Queries: WOFF and WOFF2 double downloads - Google Sheets