CMS Performance

@rviscomi thanks for that as expected mobile vs desktop.

Wix though wow desktop is as bad as mobile !

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Changing the category to “ECommerce” gives us this


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I would love to see how Umbraco CMS compares in this test.

Pretty good!

app Fast Average Slow
Umbraco 45.61% 36.54% 17.86%

You can explore all CMSs in this sheet


Hey @rviscomi - Can I reference some of your slides in a post I am writing for one of the search publications?

@dawnieando Of course!

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Thanks. Do you think there is anything I can do with this to pull in the Wordpress theme frameworks to get some measures?

@rviscomi Thank you!

@dawnieando we can query any of the 1000 technologies detected by Wappalyzer but there is no explicit support for specific WordPress themes. If there’s anything of value that you’d like to detect in HTTP Archive, adding it upstream to Wappalyzer would be the way to go.


Thanks. I have a couple of hundred URLs and as suggested I’m using @andydavies very useful script :slight_smile:

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Adding as many WordPress plugin detections as possible to Wappalyzer sounds like a great way to get some pressure to improve plugin performance! In particular, producing that graph across all WP sites split as “has plugin X / does not have plugin X”

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Hello, I am trying to get some data (for example “bytesTotal” or “bytesCSS”) for Websites made with Plone. I am pretty new to writing custom queries and now I am stuck.

I know that the data i am trying to get is within the “summary_pages” dataset and Plone sites are in the “technologies” dataset, but I can not figure out how to connect those 2 datasets to get the outcome I want.

With more research i did figure it out myself.

@RKomen2609 nice! Glad to hear you figured it out. Could you share your findings and the queries you used in a new thread? It’s always great to have more examples of the questions/answers people have.

Hi @rviscomi !
Can you, please, tell us, how many URLs/websites have been monitored for making this graph?
Thank you so much!!!

The sample size metric tracks the number of websites in HTTP Archive at any given time. You can see it in the State of the Web report on our website:


These queries corresponded to the August 15 dataset, which had about 1.3M websites.

Thank you @rviscomi (now answering, sorry for the missunderstood)!
We are talking (in spanish), about the sample and how much is each CMS represented. Maybe in WordPress is over represented and others, as Movable Type, underepresented.
But those graphics are terrific, thank you for sharing and for your work, guys!!

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Just wanted to drop a couple of appreciation points here. This data is awesome!

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my first post :slight_smile:

how can we add a CMS in the list provided. I mean if I were to check what my CMS offers as it is custom.

thanks in advance


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Hi @jawwad.booklogic, these CMSs are detected using Wappalyzer. If you’d like to add your CMS to their detection script, you can file a pull request on GitHub. The HTTP Archive should start detecting the new CMS in the following monthly crawl.

Hi @rviscomi thanks a lot. :slight_smile:

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