December 2022-specific decrease in data?

I’m researching web / javascript frameworks month-to-month in the httparchive.technologies data set, and noticed a sizable decrease in data between November 2021 and December 2021 this past year for all “app” values.

The average decrease for all apps between November and December’s data sets appears to be ~ 38%.

I checked the same two months the year prior, and I don’t see the same decrease.

Here’s the query I used:

select app, count(1) as appCount from `httparchive.technologies.2021_11_01_desktop` 
where category in('Static site generator', 'JavaScript frameworks', 'Web frameworks')
group by app
order by app

I then compared the same results to 2021_12_01_desktop to observe the ~ 38% decrease in records, using the query above.

Of note - I compared November & December of 2020 and didn’t see the same movement.

  • Has anyone else noticed this?
  • Is there a clear reason why this across-the-board decrease would’ve happened?

Thanks in advance!

Sorry about that. There’s a bug in our data pipeline that caused some data to be dropped from BigQuery. We’re investigating in this issue if you’d like to follow along.

Thanks for the quick reply, and not at all surprised your team is already on it! Looking forward to the updates. Cheers!