Derived datasets and open data


I have written an academic paper using HTTP Archive’s data. As usual, this required parsing the raw data into a derived dataset. Now, can I release the derived data as open data with no strings attached?



Hi @jruoho. This is a very good question, thank you for taking the time to ask.

While there are no rules or restrictions governing the use of the data, we do ask that you cite HTTP Archive and/or as the source of the data and if possible post here in the forum with a link to your research so others can see how the data is being used.

I’m interested to find out what you’re working on :grin:

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Thanks for the quick reply. The paper is a small experiment for better understanding how PHP releases are adopted:

Of course, the question is a little moot because I might share only the query like others on the forum. Alas, at the time of writing, I didn’t notice that BigQuery is available…

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Cool thanks for sharing! Let us know if you need any help querying the dataset.