Does critical rendering path attributes show correlation with render attributes?

Was trying to explore if any of the following Critical Rendering Path influencing attributes show correlation to renderStart or speedIndex (for the time period 1-Aug-2017 to 1-Jun-2018).

ROUND(CORR(speedIndex, reqJS), 2) AS si2reqJSCorr,
ROUND(CORR(speedIndex, reqCSS), 2) AS si2reqCSSCorr,
ROUND(CORR(speedIndex, bytesJS), 2) AS si2bytesJSCorr,
ROUND(CORR(speedIndex, bytesCSS), 2) AS si2bytesCSSCorr,
ROUND(CORR(speedIndex, reqTotal), 2) AS si2reqTotalCorr,
ROUND(CORR(speedIndex, bytesTotal), 2) AS si2bytesTotalCorr,
ROUND(CORR(speedIndex, num_scripts_sync), 2) AS si2numScriptsSyncCorr,
ROUND(CORR(speedIndex, numDomElements), 2) AS si2numDomElementsCorr,
ROUND(CORR(speedIndex, avg_dom_depth), 2) AS si2AvgDomDepthCorr,
ROUND(CORR(visualComplete, reqJS), 2) AS vc2reqJSCorr,
ROUND(CORR(visualComplete, reqCSS), 2) AS vc2reqCSSCorr,
ROUND(CORR(visualComplete, bytesJS), 2) AS vc2bytesJSCorr,
ROUND(CORR(visualComplete, bytesCSS), 2) AS vc2bytesCSSCirr,
ROUND(CORR(visualComplete, reqTotal), 2) AS vc2reqTotalCorr,
ROUND(CORR(visualComplete, bytesTotal), 2) AS vc2bytesTotalCorr,
ROUND(CORR(visualComplete, num_scripts_sync), 2) AS vc2numScriptsSyncCorr,
ROUND(CORR(visualComplete, numDomElements), 2) AS vc2numDomElementsCorr,
ROUND(CORR(visualComplete, avg_dom_depth), 2) AS vc2AvgDomDepthCorr,
ROUND(CORR(renderStart, reqJS), 2) AS rs2reqJSCorr,
ROUND(CORR(renderStart, reqCSS), 2) AS rs2reqCSSCorr,
ROUND(CORR(renderStart, bytesJS), 2) AS rs2bytesJSCorr,
ROUND(CORR(renderStart, bytesCSS), 2) AS rs2bytesCSS,
ROUND(CORR(renderStart, reqTotal), 2) AS rs2reqTotalCorr,
ROUND(CORR(renderStart, bytesTotal), 2) AS rs2bytesTotalCorr,
ROUND(CORR(renderStart, num_scripts_sync), 2) AS rs2numScriptsSyncCorr,
ROUND(CORR(renderStart, numDomElements), 2) AS rs2numDomElementsCorr,
ROUND(CORR(renderStart, avg_dom_depth), 2) AS rs2AvgDomDepthCorr
_TABLE_SUFFIX >= ‘2017_08_01’ AND

reqJS, reqCSS, bytesJS, bytesCSS, num_scripts_sync, numDomElements, avg_dom_depth.

Was not able to observe significant correlation values. Is there some other attribute which can be used to get further insights on the impact of CRP w.r.t rendering performance?