Expected page performance metrics for a customer of a given CDN

This query only considers CDNs where the base page is accelerated via the CDN and not necessarily only static assets being offloaded to a CDN in the classic sense

	select COUNT(1) num_samples,
	cdn CDN,
	NTH(90, quantiles(speedindex)) p90_speedIndex,
	NTH(90, quantiles(TTFB)) p90_ttfb,
	NTH(90, quantiles(renderstart)) p90_startRender,
	NTH(90, quantiles(onload)) p90_onload,
	NTH(90, quantiles(fullyloaded)) p90_fullyLoaded,
	NTH(90, quantiles(bytestotal)) p90_byteTotal
	FROM httparchive:runs.latest_pages
	where cdn in ('Fastly', 'Cloudflare', 'Amazon CloudFront', 'Edgecast', 'CDNetworks')
	group by cdn 
	order by p90_speedIndex;

results in the following

Please note that this does not necessarily mean any comparison across CDNs (which cannot be done given the dataset) but rather answer whats the expected (in the statistical sense of expected) distribution of onload/speedindex,etc for a customer of an existing CDN (that also accelerated dynamic traffic).

As you can see barring Fastly the rest of them are fairly close within a range (Fastly may be an outlier due to the number of samples)


Hi there, Before I could check a website and see the CDN he used in the waybackmachine, now is this possible?

Iā€™m not sure what you are asking. The way back machine is completely independent of the HTTP Archive.

As far as the HTTP Archive data goes, the CDN used is still collected and reported both at the page and request level and is available in the relevant tables.

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