How many site are using webp image format

How many hostname are delivering webp file extension and also which CDN provider is delivering those:

select req_host, _cdn_provider,
from [httparchive:runs.latest_requests]
WHERE regexp_match(url, r'\.(webp)$')
GROUP BY req_host, _cdn_provider

A few things to note here:

  • You are simply looking for .webp in the URL which isnt an accurate way to look for webp content. A better way is to look for webp in response MIME type

For example you consider the URL at to be a webp based on your query but you can see it returned a standard JPG rather than webp

  • You can still send any response mime type for webp but chrome will still pick it up and do its thing so my suggestions is not 100% accurate way of detecting it

  • I am not sure you can do your analysis on public data of httparchive as its collected using IE8/9 ( which does not render webp . However you can run your own private instance of httparchive and use chrome as your browser to collect the same

  • Funnily some data in the dataset does return image/webp for IE albeit cannot be rendered.


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