Is comparison feature using webpagetest broken?

Hello HTTParchive folks,

Trying to use the comparison feature for a website (websites -> search -> use “compare to” feature to generate WebPageTest based comparison of 2 different tests I now do now see it functioning the way it used to a few weeks ago - i.e. it does not generate a side-by-side comparison of 2 tests in WebPageTest anymore.

AFAIK, Pat Meenan has performed some major updates over the past couple of months.

Could someone confirm, please?

Thank you

Should be working. Is it possible that the comparison point you were trying to compare to was a bad run? Could also be an issue if you cross the date line from when we switched from IE to Chrome (not sure about that one).

Thanks for the prompt reply (and thanks for serving the community by keeping WPT up - I use it very often).

It seems that comparison is now working for only few most recent tests… trying YoY comparison for,, shows only one test.

Thanks again

thanks for contributing!