Summing bytes in interquartile range of page size

I want to find the sum of HTML bytes, CSS bytes, etc., for all of the webpages in the interquartile range of page size. Here’s the query I’ve tried, does it / the results look okay?

  SUM(bytesHtml) as html,
  SUM(bytesJS) as js,
  SUM(bytesCSS) as css,
  SUM(bytesImg) as img,
  SUM(bytesFont) as font,
  SUM(bytesVideo) as video,
  COUNT(*) as count
  bytesTotal >= 1020416 AND bytesTotal <= 4007731

The bounds on bytesTotal are the values of p25 and p75, plucked from here:

And here are the results I got back:

html 117444183625
js 1492513128682
css 283180779936
img 2814808632228
font 363177891001
video 70743962271
count 2330112

Just want to double-check my work to make sure I’m not doing something stupid, thanks!

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