The growth of HTTPS requests

I am interested in working out if the number of requests over HTTPS have increased / decreased over the past few years and what trends I can associate with them. I’m using the following basic query to start off with:

  SELECT count(pageid) as NumberHttps, 'Nov-2010' as CreatedDate 
  FROM [httparchive:runs.2010_11_15_requests]  
  WHERE (url LIKE ("https%")) 
  GROUP BY CreatedDate 

While this request works great, it doesn’t take into account redirects to HTTPS. For example, a site may have a URL of, but actually get redirected to

I did have a look at the following question -, but wasnt sure if this is along the right lines!

Any advice would be appreciated!

That seems fine. I might use “count(requestid)” since the pageids are NOT unique.

One issue is the HTTP Archive assumes all the URLs start with “http://”, whereas all-ssl websites probably open in https:// (from Google Search, etc.). So the absolute # of HTTPS requests might not be too telling.

A better stat to track IMO would be the number of http websites that redirect to https.

Great - thanks for the response @stevesoudersorg!

Your suggestion does seem like a better approach. Out of interest - is that how the HTTP Archive calculates it on the trend page?

The HTTP Archive just looks at https URLs over total URLs.

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