Web font use since inception; define "site"

After seeing questions about % web font usage on https://github.com/HTTPArchive/almanac.httparchive.org/issues/902 I tried to answer via bigquery and wound up with this after rviscomi kindly fixed my initial query :slight_smile:

Web font usage

The original question was in terms of site. This answer is in terms of page. Defining site seems a little awkward. A host or domain might have many things a user would think of as a site, and what a user thinks of as a site might have many hosts or domains. I’m curious if there is a definition of “site” httparchive uses?

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Here’s the query from the sheet, for visibility:

  if(ends_with(_table_suffix, 'desktop'), 'desktop', 'mobile') client,
  cast(substr(_table_suffix, 1, 4) as int64) year,
  cast(substr(_table_suffix, 6, 2) as int64) month,
  countif(reqFont > 0) / count(0) pct_pages_with_fonts
from `httparchive.summary_pages.*`
group by 1, 2, 3
order by 1, 2, 3;