Archive of Alexa ranks

The HTTP Archive started recording the Alexa rank for each URL starting on Nov 1 2011. This is a nice side benefit of the archive as it provides a history of ranks over time.

Here’s the query to get the Top 10 for Nov 1 2011:

select rank, url from httparchive:runs.2011_11_01_pages 
      where rank > 0 and rank <= 10 order by rank asc

We can get similar results for other times by changing the table name. Here are the results for the above query as well as 2012_11_01_pages, 2013_11_01_pages, and 2014_02_01_pages:

Over the past 2 years and 4 months the top six have remained the same, with Baidu and Wikipedia swapping the 5 and 6 slots. Slots 7-10 have seen seven occupants. Blogspot was replaced by Amazon in 2012. Amazon was replaced by LinkedIn in 2013. Twitter was replaced by Taobao in 2014.