Recent Alexa Ranks

Is there any way to access/pay to access more up to date Alexa rankings on the HTTP Archive/ Google Query tables? Under the “URL” table, the Alexa domains and rankings are provided for up to 2017.


Hi @Lauren2909, we don’t have any newer Alexa data since we’ve migrated to the CrUX corpus. Amazon now runs the Alexa list, so you could try reaching out to them for historical data and pricing info as needed: AWS | Alexa Top Sites - Up-to-date lists of the top sites on the web.

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Hi @rviscomi, will we be able to use Amazon’s Alexa Rankings data to query the recent tables on the HTTP Archive, given that these rankings are external to Google Cloud? Thanks for your help!

It might take a bit of hacking, but it could be possible. For example, if you imported an Alexa CSV into your own personal BigQuery project, you could join that with the public HTTP Archive dataset. Last I checked, Alexa was keyed on domains, so you would need to join the datasets on an expression like JOIN ... ON alexa.domain = NET.REG_DOMAIN(pages.url). That way you could use alexa.rank along with HTTP Archive data.

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Hi @Lauren2909, as an alternative, you could consider the Tranco ranking (full disclosure: developed by me), which is similar to Alexa but improves on stability and coverage.
Its data is already available on BigQuery (tranco.daily.daily), so you could use the method that Rick proposes to get the rank for each domain.