BigQuery broken link

Through this link Google Cloud Platform Adding a dataset is always in the loading state

Ah yeah that link doesn’t look like it works any more in the new BigQuery UI. Could you let me know where you found the broken link? I’ll update it.


I am here at main · HTTPArchive/ · GitHub The link found here. By the way, what is the new bigquery dataset link to add

Are you able to see the httparchive project in your sidebar by visiting this link?

The new link doesn’t seem to work, -Archive-349709 this interface returns the status of 400 in network

I’m not familiar with that endpoint. Are you able to access the project in the BigQuery UI?

Also is http-Archive-349709 your personal project ID?

I still can’t access httparchive in my project

http-Archive-349709 is my project-id

What information do I need to provide to help troubleshoot problems

Try this:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on + Add Data
  3. Hover over Pin a project
  4. Select Enter project name
  5. Enter httparchive as the project name and click Pin

You should see httparchive pinned to your BigQuery sidebar.

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Thank you very much. This has come into effect

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