[Fixed] Links to BigQueri[dot]es

Links to BigQueri[dot]es (such as those on http://httparchive.org/about.php#bigquery and http://httparchive.org/downloads.php) point to a web store of some kind. If the links are no longer valid, can they please be removed? Thanks!

Good catch, I’ll fix those.


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Should be pointing to the correct URL now, for both desktop/mobile subdomains. Thanks again for bringing this up!


Just some documentation on how to update the site, if this kind of thing happens again:

  • searched code for bigqueri.es and found about/downloads pages
  • replaced links/references to discuss.httparchive.org inline on github (easier than local git client)
  • saved changes to a new branch, started a PR, and merged into master
  • logged into production server and ran git pull origin master in the httparchive.dev dir to sync to latest changes
  • ran make pushall to sync across subdomains

Thank you for fixing this!