[Fixed] Links to BigQueri[dot]es


Links to BigQueri[dot]es (such as those on http://httparchive.org/about.php#bigquery and http://httparchive.org/downloads.php) point to a web store of some kind. If the links are no longer valid, can they please be removed? Thanks!


Good catch, I’ll fix those.



Should be pointing to the correct URL now, for both desktop/mobile subdomains. Thanks again for bringing this up!

Just some documentation on how to update the site, if this kind of thing happens again:

  • searched code for bigqueri.es and found about/downloads pages
  • replaced links/references to discuss.httparchive.org inline on github (easier than local git client)
  • saved changes to a new branch, started a PR, and merged into master
  • logged into production server and ran git pull origin master in the httparchive.dev dir to sync to latest changes
  • ran make pushall to sync across subdomains


Thank you for fixing this!