Chapter 1. JavaScript

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I shared the stat that 85% of websites include jQuery on Reddit:

What’s interesting to me is how prevalent the opinion is that jQuery is still necessary today, either out of convenience or because it’s bundled with web dev tools like the CMS (WordPress) or design system (Bootstrap).

Curious to see how this sentiment changes over the years, but given how long jQuery has been with us I don’t expect any sudden changes in opinion.

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I’m curious, what period of time was used to analyze JavaScript libraries usage? Is it possible to see stats for past week/month/quarter? Wonder what the trend would look like

True. I started switching to Astra Wordpress theme for my Wordpress blog at as it’s out of box default removes jQuery completely and it’s noticeable for page speed metrics. Though Astra themes you can import can re-add jQuery to the mix.

I’m curious, it’s pretty interesting to realise that for all it’s bus the modern frameworks constitute such a small percentage of all sites on the web. But… it make me wonder.

Is total site usage the same close to total site consumption?
For example a sites like facebook and Netflix contributes disproportionally to web traffic, and thus react’s 4% of all sites may mask how often that 4% is consumed.

Would there be an useful insight in seeing the cross section between total sites using and total usage

Essentially how much of the web’s traffic is blobs of react or vue code compared to the 85% jQuery, which no doubt is substantial still… but maybe not as much