How to check the speed of the website page?

Hello, I am running a website and I need to know how can I check the website’s page speed and what are the measure should I take to increase it…

Hi, there are lot of good APM (application performance monitoring tools) out there like New Relic and AppDynamics. If you do a search there are some free front end website tests you can do:

Our tool measures and increases website performance from a SQL perspective, which is a common performance bottleneck. You can get a free download at:

Feel free to reach out to me if you have further questions:

Here to help.

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There are lots of free tools to help you get started with testing web page performance. Start with one or more of these:

Also check out Lighthouse for PWA


Many website provide this facility to check page speed
is best for check your site speed because
pingdom same time it so your site cached site score

All of them are good but always try first the Chrome dev tools :wink:

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Combined with Chrome dev tools, or Webpage WebPageTest . To get somo idea of the improvements.

I am owning my own website kindly let me know how to check it’s speed.

The speed i have checked by google insights is good …but need more improvement in development now working good …

I see lots of tools mentioned here and on other sites. For my money nothing beats WebPageTest! Of course HTTPArchive uses WPT to record its data, so that is a strong recommendation right there. Plus its free.

I also love Lighthouse, which is included in WPT.

I wrote an article comparing the 4 tools I see most recommended

I am not a fan of Pingdom and GTMetrix, popular with the SEO crowd because they really emphasize time to first byte and don’t seem to be keeping up with the expanding set of real metrics front-end developers and marketers are or should be concerned with.


+1 WebpageTest is my go to for checking page speed - the variety of geographic test locations and browser/device tests supported makes it so much better and love the filmstrip and comparison test feature.

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The best place to check for progressives web is “” it will guide you step-by-step that what you should consider to make your website lite and fast.

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Now we have the Lighthouse report, like, here

Another great resource is and you can compare reports into the Test History section.

my website is fresherscloud can you tell me how to check website speed…also tell me alexa shows website speed 8.5 second but gtmatrix shows 3.2 second… can you tell me which one is true

You should use Google’s Pagespeed tool. See here:

It’s better to use that because Google gives you also recommendations and their result is also very interesting for Google ranking.

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Hi. Thanks for sharing this tool. I’m using gzip compression on escorte cluj but after testing it still sais 'compress components with gzip. Any recomendation ? If I test with seobility it sais gzip is enabled…

Thank you very much.

I am owning my own website 1. kindly let me know how to check it’s speed.

Hi! I think this is the wrong thread for your question. But I can guide you over to or