How to check the speed of the website page?


Hello, I am running a website and I need to know how can I check the website’s page speed and what are the measure should I take to increase it…


Hi, there are lot of good APM (application performance monitoring tools) out there like New Relic and AppDynamics. If you do a search there are some free front end website tests you can do:

Our tool measures and increases website performance from a SQL perspective, which is a common performance bottleneck. You can get a free download at:

Feel free to reach out to me if you have further questions:

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There are lots of free tools to help you get started with testing web page performance. Start with one or more of these:

Also check out Lighthouse for PWA


Many website provide this facility to check page speed

is best for check your site speed because
pingdom same time it so your site cached site score


All of them are good but always try first the Chrome dev tools :wink:


Combined with Chrome dev tools, or Webpage WebPageTest . To get somo idea of the improvements.


I am owning my own website kindly let me know how to check it’s speed.


The speed i have checked by google insights is good …but need more improvement in development now working good …