HTTPArchive Loading Speed Time To Interactive

Hello Folks,

I am looking at this URL HTTP Archive: Loading Speed

When I load the table, I see a monthly history with the 10%, 25%, 50%, 75% and 90% numbers and the corresponding number is seconds. I am assuming that this is the “Medium or Average Rage” of each percentile.

Every webpage in my website achieves a Time to Interactive Goal of less than 1 second. (.09 or .08)

My question is who is actually crawling the web? It is your own process or are you relying on an outside entity to gather these numbers?


Raul Gonzalez

Hi Raul. HTTP Archive tests each of the ~8 million web pages in its corpus monthly. The loading speed stats you cited represent the distribution of lab-based (as opposed to real-user) performance data collected across all of those pages. There’s some additional info about our methodology on the FAQ page.

So the way to read that table would be “In September 2021, 50% of mobile pages had a TTI of 15.9 seconds or less.” (for the p50 field)

Keep in mind that these tests are performed by Lighthouse, which throttles the network and CPU to more realistically simulate real-user conditions. We document the Lighthouse configuration in our annual Web Almanac report’s methodology. Your individual performance stats will depend on your own conditions, so they may not be comparable.

Hope that helps.