% of good CWV

Hello, pls help me to understand how Percent good CWV is calculated

in my case I have 70% good on INP, 96% good on LCP, 83% good on CLS
only 60% of good CWV (which I was assuming like a total average)

Good CWV is calculated as having a Good rating for INP, LCP, and CLS.

For example, if a single origin has a Good LCP and CLS but a Poor or NI INP, then the origin will not have a Good CWV.

    (IS_GOOD(fast_inp, avg_inp, slow_inp) OR fast_inp IS NULL) AND
    IS_GOOD(small_cls, medium_cls, large_cls) AND
    IS_GOOD(fast_lcp, avg_lcp, slow_lcp) AS good_cwv_2024,

The percentage of Good CWV will be lower (or equal) to the lowest of each individual score. For example, if a subset of the origins that have a Good INP have a Poor CLS, then the percentage with Good CWV will be lower than Good INP.

You may find the query here: cwv-tech-report/sql/monthly.sql at main · HTTPArchive/cwv-tech-report · GitHub