Planning the Web Almanac 2019


This year we’re setting a new goal to create an “annual report” of the state of the web, tentatively titled the “Web Almanac”. The purpose of the Almanac is to take a snapshot of how the web is built and how it has changed over the year. The end result will be a web app that takes the reader through the different building blocks of the modern web and presents our findings about how they are performing.

We’re looking for contributors to help with things like:

  • data analysis
  • data visualization
  • web/graphic design
  • web development
  • writing

To get involved, please join us in the #web-almanac channel on the HTTP Archive Slack!

Web Server Report

This is an awesome idea and I’ll contribute where I can. Possibly some writing and/or gather of interesting pieces published on the web that may add to the EOY story telling.

Something like this, so we can track what has changed from Feb 1st onwards - among many other things.

Really looking fwd to this.

Great initiative Rick!


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Awesome idea.

I can help with web development, writing and tracking the features, changes over time.

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Hi Rick,

This is a fantastic idea! I would absolutely love to help out with the writing side of things especially. Let me know how I can help.

I agree about looking at the current HTTP archive reports as well as some mobile/desktop comparisons. Maybe you could do some analysis on different devices and their CPUs too, and do some load time benchmarking and comparisons? I’m always interested to see how websites are performing in the real world for users on their actual devices.

I’ll be happy to provide some more ideas as well when more of the topic planning is under way.

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Hello Rick !

Great idea. I could help on data analysis and writing.

Some ideas :

  • Distinctions between different locations in the world (bandwith, latency, performance and devices)
  • If we could track performance of cms vOv (is WP getting faster on latests versions ?..)
  • Would be interesting to have some perf insights according to business field (how e-commerce websites are performing, medias ? etc)
  • Try to zoom on the long tail (the slowest, the poorest performance %, excluded users…Etc)

Looking forward !

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@matijagrcic @AymenLoukil are you on the HTTP Archive Slack? If not, please join. I’ve created a channel for us to discuss this project in a more high bandwidth way.

It’s also an open channel, so if there’s anyone else wants to help out, feel free to join.


Brainstorming Almanac content in this public doc. Contributors welcome!


Awesome. Looking forward to this :smiley:


This is very cool. I can help with writing, and cross-promotion in

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Hey Meggin, I think there’s definitely a good opportunity to connect this back to Did you have anything in mind? For example, maybe we can write a summary of the interesting insights and talk more broadly about what we should be doing as a community to improve the state of the web. Also, your writing expertise would be invaluable! If you’re on Slack, please join us in the #web-almanac channel.


Hi @rviscomi what kind of web development do you guys need? I can also help in writing

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Hey @tjmonsi! Thanks for helping. The web dev work we’ll need will be to extend our existing website (source code):

  • writing new Flask templates to render different types of Almanac pages
  • working with a designer to implement the UI in HTML and CSS
  • visualizing the data using the Highcharts JS API

Forking it now and will try to submit a PR on one of the good first issues. Thanks :slight_smile:

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