Querying metrics for the Web Almanac

As part of the Web Almanac project introduced in Planning the Web Almanac 2019, we’re currently at the part of the process when we’re ready to start querying the 2019_07_01 dataset for the ~350 metrics to be included in the report.

Would anyone be interested in assisting to write those queries and submit them to the repository? Seasoned HTTP Archive and BigQuery experts residing in this forum would be the best candidates to take on the task.

In this issue (screenshot below) I’ve outlined all chapters and the analysts assigned to them. You can see that some are currently missing an analyst. If you’re interested in helping with those let me know. I’ve also got ~100 metrics assigned to myself, which I’d be happy to defer to someone else should they be inclined :smile:

Please reply to the GitHub issue if you’re interested. Any help is greatly appreciated!