Summary_pages tables don't have the rank for desktop browser from 2018_07_01

I find that the summary_pages table for desktop browser don’t have the rank of the URL from July 1st 2018 onwards (i.e., rank=null from 2018/07/01). Can you please let me know if the rank of the URL is stored in another field/table from July 1st 2018?

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Hi @nayanamanas this is expected behavior since we’ve switched from Alexa with ranked domains to the Chrome UX Report, which does not have ranking data.

For more info see Getting domain rank with the new rank-less Chrome UX Report corpus

Thanks. So now what’s crawled by HTTPArchive are the Chrome UX Report URLs (which also include sub-domains of Alexa URLs) and not just the Alexa base-domains? Did this changed happened on July 1st 2018 for Desktops and July 15th 2018 for Mobiles (as I see a spike of the URLs crawled from those dates)?

@nayanamanas that’s correct: CrUX includes subdomains, and the rollout began for desktop on July 1 and mobile on July 15.