Web UI Query produces different result than Command Line Query

Hi folks,

I have a query that works in the web UI but doesn’t produce the same results when I try to run from the command line. Does anyone have any idea as to why that would be?

For more background, I’m trying to pull the WorkerStart Feature from a website like this:

SELECT distinct url, JSON_EXTRACT(payload, '$._blinkFeatureFirstUsed.Features.WorkerStart') as worker_start
FROM 'httparchive.pages.2018_07_15_mobile'
WHERE url = 'https://www.harley-davidson.com/'

When I run this query in the web UI I receive a non-null value in the worker_start column. However, I tried to convert this query into a command line query and am now getting a NULL value for the same column. Specifically, I am trying to run this sql:

    '$._blinkFeaturesFirstUsed.Features.WorkerStart') AS worker_start
WHERE url = 'https://www.harley-davidson.com/'

with this bash script:

next_command="cat query_httparchive_for_workerstart.sql | bq --quiet query --append_table --batch --destination_table deprecation-analysis:test_batch.test_harleydavidson &"


It runs successfully but, as I mentioned, the difference is that in the web UI I receive a non-null value, but with the command line I receive a null value.

I would appreciate any pointers.


Hi @amirian. You have a typo in your JSON path. The correct property name is _blinkFeatureFirstUsed but you have it written as _blinkFeaturesFirstUsed :slight_smile:

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Yikes! Thanks for the help — next time I’ll make sure to have some more coffee before converting workflows.