What are the most popular HTTP status codes?

I wanted to know the percentage of responses that had a status code of 200, 304, 404, etc. Here’s the query:

SELECT status, round(100*ratio) as percent, num 
  SELECT status, count(*) as num, RATIO_TO_REPORT(num) OVER() ratio
  FROM httparchive:runs.2014_11_15_requests
  GROUP BY status
ORDER BY num desc

And the results for Nov 15 2014:


Whats with the “0” as response code? Does that mean literal 0 or some error code?

It would also be interesting to fork httparchive to maintain a browser cache and look at the trend of 304s. My hypothesis is that low number of 304s are explained by the fact that there is no persistence between crawls, right?

The default is “0” so those requests probably didn’t have a status code. This could be due to errors in the crawl or other factors.

There is not persistence across crawls.