Wordpress Specific (& others) by speed?

Is there a way to determine/segment out the speed of what sites are built with and then filter?

Example Questions:

Q: What are the fastest 10% of WP based sites?
A: ?

Q: Of those top 10% what are they using for hosting?
A: ?

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No, there isn’t any simple way to classify sites… At best, you can find common signatures and try to classify them by that. For example, looking at WordPress in particular, it appears to be one of the few that returns the “X-Pingback” HTTP response header.

SELECT count(url) FROM [httparchive:runs.latest_requests] 
WHERE firstReq = true AND respOtherHeaders contains 'X-Pingback'

Above query matches 6779 sites. From there, you can extract the urls and analyze them by rank, perform reverse IP lookups to figure who the provider is.

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About finding the common signatures, you can take a look here : https://github.com/ElbertF/Wappalyzer/blob/master/share/apps.json

I suppose a query to check something like wp-content in the DOM’s contents would do the trick but it might not be that efficient.

:thinking: P.S. An interesting case study would be to compare the speed within WordPress eco-system for sites that use WordPress REST API against the WP sites that don’t.