How is a JavaScript framework growing month by month?

It may be obvious for some, but after reading How are the most popular frameworks growing year over year I decided to put together a query to get stats for a single JavaScript framework, separated by months:

  MONTH(SEC_TO_TIMESTAMP(startedDateTime)) month
(TABLE_QUERY([httparchive:runs], 'REGEXP_MATCH(table_id, r"^2014.*requests")'))
GROUP BY month
ORDER BY month

This will give the evolution of a given framework for 2014. As new months appear, they will get added to the resulting table.

This is not entirely reliable, as it depends heavily on traffic: all JS frameworks (well I have confirmed with jquery and Angular) display a valley associated to a decrease in overall traffic in December and summer. This is the chart for Angular:

The query can be changed to display the last 12 /18 / whatever months.

Slightly off topic, but does anyone here have any experience with Content Security Policy and angular.js?

Can you be more specific? For context, I’ll leave this here:

I recently gave a talk on CSP & Angular. You might find it useful

Wow this looks great, thanks siddii!