Web Server Report

Would be great to see a report of the web servers used to serve web content. Data could include Apache, Nginx, Tomcat, etc. Not sure how to visually represent multiple servers within the current line chart design, but it would be a nice report for the “State of the Web” page.

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Yeah visualization is an open question but I agree this is something we could try to surface. It may also be a good topic for the Almanac.

Wappalyzer has a “Web Server” category, so we could use that:

  category = 'Web Servers'
Apache	1486906	 
Nginx	1244678	 
IIS	402889	 
OpenGSE	141667	 
LiteSpeed	101963	 
OpenResty	70511	 
Apache Tomcat	30033	 
Express	18405	 
Phusion Passenger	15210	 
Amazon EC2	14503